Fake collar bomb?

Now living in  Sydney brings along its do’s and dont’s and making a collar bomb and fixing it on to an unexpected teenager is a big don’t here. The question however why do people do this? extra attention? media? or they are just mentally ill. From a wider perspective, some people are deprived of proper care since childhood, thus developing with a mind-set of why care about people around me or why care about what they need or how they feel.This person may be your best friend or your neighbour, they are perfect in hiding their true intentions. this bomb maker was an investment banker, people usually think these acts are committed by thugs or under bellies. WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!!>…..Can be committed by anyone, someone you know. Never under-estimate humans.They are master minds and always will be.

Moving on….Fine they have found the bomb  maker and probably also found out all the other details like where did he get the material from and etc… But what are they going to do next ? there might be thousands or millions perhaps around the world watching the news and thinking mmmm I can do the same for fun maybe or just to scare the shit out of someone. I reckon the government and other organizations should do something on educating the current generation ( I am 21 myself) on the current happenings and it’s consequences also provide psychological help if needed, to prevent from things happening like this in the future. (Trust me it will increase, once a trend starts it spreads like wildfire!!!) True that the Aussie government is doing a lot and personally I can see that everywhere I GO. But this can be a nice agenda too!! Some people are ignorant, thinking that oh this would never happen to us or we live in a gated community or a suburb that is posh and crime free!!! Wrong again!! the developed world is  slowly falling to pieces…Gradually terrorism will rip things apart and that should not be happening!!! Because everyone deserves a fair go from developed to the developing. This is everyone’s world.!!! SO PEOPLE CLOSE YOUR EYES AND THINK ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING AROUND YOU AND THE WORLD, MIGHT NOT BE AFFECTING YOU, BUT ONE DAY IT MIGHT OR IT MIGHT AFFECT YOUR CHILDREN OR THEIR CHILDREN. Do not be selfish….Do something about it, might be as small as talking about it…but trust me it will make a huge difference!!!  If your selfish!!! lol your still screwed.


On a side note….. what would be a really good blog name from my good friend Caroline Casse. http://www.facebook.com/#!/cncasse